Madonna – Papa Don’t Preach (Cover by Franck Choppin feat Ingrid Alcalde)

Publié le 16 novembre 2017 par fchoppin

Here is the vocal version of my previous instrumental cover with the contribution of talented singer Ingrid Alcalde. As in the original Madonna video, I tried to tell a little story with some additional footage provided by Videoblocks. Thanks for watching!

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• Monte Pittman (Madonna’s long-time guitarist) discusses why “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna is “One of the greatest songs ever written”:
“I always use that as an example of one of the greatest songs ever written, because of what that song does structurally. The beginning is just strings, which is a completely different kind of music, or genre or texture of music, then what the song actually is. And then the song kicks in and it’s the verse played instrumentally before she starts singing… [and] it’s not just verse, pre-chorus, chorus, post-chorus — every part has an A and a B to it, the melody kind of questions and answers [itself], they balance each other out… then you get to the bridge, and the bridge has the same thing, it kind of has an A, B, and C to it… and then you get to the end of the song, and then she changes the chorus. It’s like she’s got the main chorus… but then she flips it, and it’s like she’s added ANOTHER chorus on top of that [first one] that works.”

▶ original track: “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna (1986)
Written by Brian Elliot and Madonna
Produced by Madonna and Stephen Bray

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